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Backstage J.W. Anderson S/S ‘15, photographed by Kevin Tachman

someone would have to be crazy to give you up

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u should tell everyone this because that is exactly the population of people who have given up lol


The dresses at the Versus show were slashed thigh high and held by lions head piercings #NYFW #MBFW #SS15

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alexander wang spring 2015

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Prabal Gurung SS 15

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Jhené Aiko | Eternal Sunshine (Pre-Order “Souled Out” Now)

And the more that I see, the more that I know. I don’t know anything, at all. Like the more that I breath, and start to go slow. Oh, one of many things, I can only recall.

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September 7th, 2014 — 1:26am

From this day forward, I will take responsibility for my own happiness. I’ll have to drag myself out of this emotional mess I’ve gotten myself into and I’ll have to continue to push myself to look for joy. I need to practice to let myself know what being happy is and that being happy is okay. I need to do things for myself because I care about myself. I will struggle and I will probably cave into my established habits of avoidance and silence but I’ll still remember to love myself including the parts of myself I don’t like. 

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