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How do you balance everything in your life? You seem so put together all the time and I'm really envious haha

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I can’t say that I have everything together but it doesn’t stop me from trying to fix myself

A few things I’ve tried to keep in mind:

1) it’s not the end of the world if you make a mistake. progress is still progress and mistakes truly are a learning experience in the grand scheme of things
2) keep focus of your own goals and responsibilities. know your strengths and weaknesses. develop them and overcome them as you see fit. continue growing
3) don’t compare yourself to others. you are your own person and whatever you’re doing, you can always take inspiration and improve on yourself. don’t get stuck in that mentality that you have to be better or that you’re going to be worse than others. you just do you
4) you’re only ever in the same position as you are in now, once. you can say “everything is temporary” but I think that sounds really pessimistic and it makes everything you care about sound futile. you’re only here once so do the best you can. go big or go home.
5) do what makes you happy or do whatever will lead you to happiness/fulfillment. choose choices that you can manage and believe and trust yourself.
6) always at least TRY.

I hope this kind of helped???¿ 


can you give some relationship advice?

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Can I charge you $3.99 for every 200 characters?

Lol jk I’m probably not the one to ask for this type of stuff but I can try


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Stussy Fall 2000

Photography by Juergen Teller

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I can’t even fathom the different facets of my life anymore; it’s all beginning to look less like a jewel and more like a pane of glass. Throw a stone and I’d probably let everything just shatter.

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Adriana Lima

only person ive ever seen to rock cornrows

so perfect

following back fashion blogs until DEC 8 in the spirit of christmas!

please like so many people rock cornrows what abut Jayden smith ya mast live in the whites part of the world under a rock -_-

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